Global Digital Evangelism: GUIDE

“And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?”

Indonesia 694Many Indonesians have a hidden desire to know more about Jesus Christ. Global Digital Evangelism (GUIDE) offers them the opportunity to read short articles about Jesus in the privacy of their own computer or mobile device

Hundreds of thousands of visitors annually visit one or more of the various websites. Thirty percent of the visitors spend 10 minutes or more reading and studying the message of Jesus Christ. Thousands have signed up to receive an email stream which communicates Biblical truth. Many readers comment and ask questions, knowing that one of Indopartners’ trained staff members will respond.

Indonesia 140An added value is that Christians learn how to share Good News with their Indonesian neighbors.

A report from a Christian who needed help—

“Though a Christian, I married a non-believer. I almost left the Lord. God’s love directed me to search for truth. Through your websites I was guided in helping my wife embrace the Good News. My wife and my children were baptized. Thank you again. Please continue to share the Good News.”

You can help more families like this one. Your gift to support Global Digital Evangelism will allow more people to hear the truth of Jesus which will set them free.

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