GUIDE Digital Evangelism

“And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?”
(Romans 10:14)

It is considered a sin for an Indonesian of the majority religion to enter a church building. Because of this, many live in darkness, without hope or lasting peace. God is bringing hope to these people through Global Digital Evangelism (GUIDE). Many Indonesians have a hidden desire to know more about Jesus Christ, and GUIDE offers them the opportunity to read short articles and watch short video clips about Jesus in the privacy of their own computer or mobile device. They can even ask questions and Indopartners’ trained staff will respond.

GUIDE reaches more than half a million Indonesians with the gospel each month in a safe and anonymous way.

GUIDE also offers tools to Christians desiring to share their faith with their loved ones. One man was able to lead his whole family to Christ using the GUIDE websites as a resource to share his faith:

“Though a Christian, I married a non-believer. I almost left the Lord. God’s love directed me to search for truth. Through your websites I was guided in helping my wife embrace the Good News. My wife and my children were baptized. Thank you again. Please continue to share the Good News.”

Visit the GUIDE website to learn how you can partner with this ministry of Indopartners to transform the lives of tens of thousands of people.

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