Guide Online Internet Ministry

“And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?”
(Romans 10:14)

It’s considered a sin for an Indonesian of the majority religion to enter a church building. Because of this, many live in darkness, without hope or lasting peace. God is bringing hope to these people through our internet ministry called Guide Online. Many Indonesians have a hidden desire to know more about Jesus Christ, and Guide Online offers them the opportunity to read articles and watch videos about Jesus through the privacy of their own computer or mobile device. They can even ask questions and Guide Online’s trained staff will respond. Guide Online reaches more than half a million Indonesians with the gospel each month.

Guide Online’s Mission Statement:

Guide Online exists to present Indonesians with a respectful, conversion-focused gospel message through model internet-based media that will also equip Christians for outreach.

Here are the three primary things Guide Online does:


Doing Digital Evangelism to Share the Gospel with Millions

  • 9 websites
  • 20 FB pages for outreach
  • Over 1,300 articles on our websites
  • Over 300 videos

An average of 1,500,000 video views per month on our websites and social media pages


Seeing people trust Christ

  1. After reading or viewing our content, people email us, send us a Facebook message, or text us.
  2. People who want to learn more about Jesus can text with a mediator until ready to meet with someone face-to-face.
  3. An evangelist will meet and study the Bible with them. If they come to faith, they get plugged into a local body of believers.


Training Christians for Outreach

  • Our staff visit churches and hold apologetic seminars.
  • Our staff attend missions conferences, promoting and recruiting people.
  • Our staff are holding workshops to train Christians how to start their
    own digital ministries.
  • Many study our content to learn how to share the gospel.

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