100 Word Update Sign Up

Do you want to be informed on how God is bringing hope to Indonesians?  Sign up to receive our weekly updates that are guaranteed to be no more than 100 words. We know you are overwhelmed with emails, so we keep this update short and informative. We promise to never send you any other emails.

God works powerfully through prayer. You can be part of what God is doing in Indonesia through technology by partnering with us through prayer.

Here are some ways you will stay informed through the 100 word update:
1) Keep up with our website, video, and social media statistics
2) Discover current and specific ways you can be praying for the ministry
3) Hear stories about people who start following Christ or are open to learning about Jesus
4) Learn about all the new ways Guide Online is using digital media to share the gospel with Indonesians

Below is a sample email from the 100 Word Update to show you the emails are very short and include a prayer point.

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