Guide Online’s Story

Guide Online began in 2008 with one website and one staff member.  Every year we have seen growth in our ministry and the trend is continuing.  While there have been some hiccups along the way, we believe that our story very clearly includes God’s hand.

Today we have eight websites with about 500,000 visitors a month and approximately 20 social media pages.  We currently have more than 20 part-time and full-time staff members. Most of these staff members are native Indonesians that live and work in Indonesia. We also have a great board of elders who regularly meet to oversee the direction of the ministry.

Jeff G., one of the founders of Guide Online, spent 32 years working in Indonesia for a non-profit organization. In the first seven years he lived there, Jeff distributed about 250,000 pieces of Christian literature. Now, through the Internet, we are able to reach more people than that in just one month!

There are very few websites that are effectively reaching Indonesian people at this time. Guide Online’s websites seem to be leading the way in terms of helping Christians share the gospel. We believe that the harvest is ripe but the workers are few (Matt 9:37).

Every month we are continually evaluating how we can be using technology to bring hope to the Indonesian community. Technology is ever-changing, and we want to be part of using it for good. We have produced a smartphone app and are producing many gospel-centered videos with the hope of engaging more people.

There seems to be an openness in the lives of many Indonesians now, especially the young people. If we teach them the principles of Jesus, their lives, families, and country will become a better place. Ultimately, we want to see their eternal destinies changed for the better.

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