The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Matthew 25:40

It started with a dream

Adi was a college student in Sumatra. He was very religious and strictly followed the teaching of the majority religion. One night, he had a dream about Jesus. He wanted to learn more about him, so Adi starting searching on the internet for answers.

Adi came across a GUIDE website where he found many resources to study about Jesus. He did this for about two years, and then at last he decided to follow Jesus and was baptized! Since then, he has been actively sharing his faith among some of his friends in college and he has started a Bible study.

Lucky Student

“I’m one of the lucky student that can join English Bible camp, this camp is full of fun. I always having fun, every minute.

The leaders teach us a different way, a fun way. But the more important thing is that we know Jesus more. They tell and teach about Jesus in a different way, in a fun way, so we got it and we can plant it in our hearts.” – A quote from an Indonesian student who attended English Bible Camp in 2017

Earnest zeal

Vania Kusuma is a young, passionate Indonesian woman. She, unlike many Indonesians, has grown up in a Christian family. She loves God and feels a deep desire to spread the gospel, and in her search for a way to do this, she became connected with an associate of Indopartners.

She explained that her parents did approve of her desire to serve the Lord in Africa. This man could sense the earnest zeal that Vania has for outreach, so he began to correspond with her family. He eventually visited the Kusuma family and was able to convince her parents to let her go to a Bible school that offers a major in cross-cultural service. This Indonesian school closely works with Indopartners to provide an education to aspiring cross-cultural workers, and, with the support an American church, is able to offer scholarships to certain students. Through Vania’s perseverance in fulfilling her calling, she received a scholarship and now she is well on her way to fulfilling her dream of serving the Lord cross-culturally.

Faith and a Future

‘Knot’ is a training program for teenagers, run by Indonesian church partners of Indopartners. The main goal is to strengthen the faith of these young people, but also to prepare them to be strong leaders in their community.

They are also being trained to spread the gospel, which they are already doing! Another aspect of their training is entrepreneurship, with the hope that they will become confident, empowered, and financially independent. The teenagers have started their small businesses by selling snacks and cosmetics, which is teaching them discipline, honesty in finances, and integrity. Praise God for the wonderful work these partners are doing in the lives of young people.

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